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Are you ready to start your health and fat loss transformation?

Welcome to Fitter 16, an online lifestyle transformation plan designed to help you achieve and sustain your fat loss and health goals for the long-term, with all the essential information tailored to meet your individual needs.

What is Fitter 16?

Fitter 16 is the ultimate lifestyle transformation, designed to get men and women of all fitness levels fitter, leaner, stronger, healthier and happier, long-term!

Tailored to your individual needs and adapted easily to fit your lifestyle and daily routine, the Fitter 16 plan transforms how you eat, move, think, rest and recover to ensure you create the best version of yourself, achieving real results that last.

How does it work?

Fitter 16 is NOT a fad diet, quick fix or unsustainable training regime. Over the 16 weeks you will be guided through four progressive phases essential for fat loss, enabling you to get results and make them last.

Our unique approach allows you to finally discover a sustainable model of health, as you master tasty, healthy recipes, make movement a way of life and adapt your daily routine, focusing on managing sleep and stress. The final outcome is an effective and enjoyable approach to nutrition, fitness and health that delivers long-term success.

Phase 1

The Fitter

Phase 2

Enhance &

Phase 3

Adapt &

Phase 4

Sustain &

An Easy to Follow, Flexible & Enjoyable Plan

Empower yourself
with knowledge

You need to know the WHY as well as the HOW. You’ll receive expert guidance on nutrition, exercise, mindset and sleep.

Exercise that’s fun
and effective

You’ll receive structured exercise plans and easy-to-follow video tutorials tailored to your ability and environment.

Get real results enjoying real food

Our meal plans provide nutritious, quick and convenient recipes. With minimal ingredients; basic cooking skills and few preparation steps you’ll be nailing healthy eating.

Stay accountable with our progress tracker

Every 4 weeks you’ll submit a progress report, measuring physical results and detailing your general health. Staying accountable ensures these changes are easily integrated into your routine.

What will I receive?

  • New meal plans every 4 weeks, featuring delicious fitter food recipes.

  • Access to your online progress tracker to monitor your transformation and see your awesome results each month.

  • Detailed guidance to adapt to your personal fat loss and health goals.

  • Video tutorials with detailed exercise advice and nutrition guidance.

  • Regular email contact and access to online support if required.

  • Additional guidance to improve your sleep health and develop a strong and healthy mindset.

How does my transformation work?

Your personal health questionnaire

Start by submitting your personal health questionnaire. This gives us an accurate picture of your current health, your level of stress and your quality of sleep.

Tailor your transformation

We’ll design your Fitter 16 plan ensuring it meets your personal requirements. In the meantime you’ll receive your Fitter 16 introduction and access to your transformation tracker.

Receive your Fitter 16 plan

Within 48hrs you’ll receive the first nutrition and training phase of your Fitter 16 plan. Plus further advice on sleep health, mindset and staying motivated to help you smash Phase 1 of the plan.

Submit your awesome results

After 28 days review your progress and submit your results. As well as measurements we’ll look at skin health, stress level and quality of sleep. You’ll be astounded at the positive change.

Receive further phases of your plan

We’ll continue to assess your results and provide email guidance as you receive 3 further phases of your plan. Each phase equips you with the knowledge and confidence to make sustainable change.

Success! You did it!

Congrats, you've smashed Fitter 16 and made a huge positive change to your health. You can continue your transformation journey and get a fresh meal plan each month by joining our exclusive Fitter Food community, Fitter 365.

About Fitter Food, the team behind Fitter 16

Profile photo of Keris

Keris Marsden

(NT Dip CNM, BA Hons, mBANT)

is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer. Keris has helped hundreds of people transform their health with sustainable lifestyle changes and an awesome diet of tasty, nutritious food. She is passionate about ensuring people fuel themselves optimally so they can lead a long, energised and happy life.

Profile photo of Matt

Matt Whitmore

is a Personal Trainer, strength enthusiast and Health Coach. Matt has played a number of sports at a high-level and is highly motivated by great food, with an extra special fondness for bacon and ice cream! Matt is 100% dedicated to the power of a nutrient dense diet to fuel his active lifestyle.

Profile photo of Hamish (the dog)


is a Bavarian Mountain Hound and needs at least 2 hours of exercise every day. He’s a constant inspiration to Fitter Food and easily the fittest of the family. Hamish is himself a paleo convert and his diet consists of fresh raw meat, bones and bone broth. He provides a regular reminder to #bemorehamish every day!